If you have portal customization set up in your account, you will not be able to see the print this article option next to your solution articles (as shown in the image)

Quick guide to add print option to your theme:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator
  • Go to Admin -> Portals
  • Click on Customize portal button in the top fold
  • Under Layouts & pages, click on the Portal Pages tab
  • In the pages list on the left, click on Article view
  • Look for the article title part of the code (or search for the <h2> tag that contains the     {{article.title | h}} placeholder)
  • Add this code between the <h2> and </h2> tags next to the article title and click on the save and publish button (you can preview your changes first)


<a href="javascript:print();" class="icon-print solution-print-icon" title="{% translate portal.print_title %}">


Now you can see the print option in your own theme too.