When your customers login to your support portal, they can see every topic they started and followed under “My topics” in Forums.

The “My topics” section appears on the sidebar in the Forums tab of your customer portal. It can be used to keep tabs on interesting topics and follow them from one place.

This section is available by default on all Freshdesk portals. However, if you have used the portal customization features to make any changes, it might not be available to your account right away. You can get it to work by making changes and  including a snippet of code under your Portal Customization settings. 

Quick guide to adding the My Topics section to your customer portal:

  • Login to your support portal. 
  • Go to the Admin tab and click on Portals.
  • Click on Customize Portal button.
  • Under the Portal Pages section and click on Layout & Pages.
  • From the list of pages available on the left, choose Discussions home.
  • Look for the section which says sidebar content rounded-6.
  • Copy paste the following snippet within <section> tags:

{% if portal.my_topics.size > 0 %}

    <section class="cs-g-c topic-list">

        <div class="list-lead">{% translate portal.my_topics %}</div>

            <p class="intro">{% translate portal.showing_my_topics %}</p>


            {% for topic in portal.my_topics limit:5 %}

                <li class="cs-g-3">

                    <div class="ellipsis">

                        <a href="{{topic.last_post_url}}">{{topic.title | h}}</a>


                    <div class="help-text">

                        {{ topic | my_topic_info }}

                        {% if topic.last_post.present? %}

                            <div class="my_topics_right">

                                {{ topic.last_post.body | h || truncate:60 }}

                                {% if topic.last_post.body.size > 60 %}

                                    <a href="{{ topic.last_post_url }}">{% translate more %}</a>

                                {% endif %}


                        {% endif %}



            {% endfor %}


            {% if portal.my_topics_count > 5 %}

                <a href="{{portal.my_topics_url}}" class="see-more">{% translate portal.topic.all_topics %}</a>

            {% endif %}


{% endif %}

  • You could choose to add this snippet anywhere you want.
  • In case you do not want a whole section dedicated to your subscribed topics, you can also add a link which says See all topics. To do this, use the following snippet instead:
<a href="{{portal.my_topics_url}}" class="see-more">{% translate portal.topic.all_topics %}</a> 
  • Preview your changes and see if they are working properly.
  • Click on the Save and Publish button to make your changes go live.

Please note that you could also get this to work by resetting your customer portal to it’s settings. But you will also lose any other customizations you might have made to your portal.