Starting this week, we are migrating Freshdesk users using Team Huddle to the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this migration. In case you have other concerns that we have not addressed here, please reach out to at any time

  1. What about my previous conversations on Team Huddle? Will I have access to those in Freshconnect?
    All of your Team Huddle conversations and discussions with other collaborators will be automatically moved to Freshconnect. You will not lose any of your data.

  2. Team Huddle is a feature that I never paid money for. Will I have to pay extra for Freshconnect?
    No. The Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration will enable you to invite upto 100 collaborators for free on any plan (including Sprout). If you wish to invite more than 100 collaborators, please get in touch with our support team -

  3. Is this integration GDPR-compliant?

  4. Will I lose any data?
    No. Any conversations you had in Team Huddle will be automatically moved to Freshconnect along with the collaborator details.

  5. Do I have to do anything to move to Freshconnect?
    Nope. The migration is automatic and will happen on the server-side. Users need not do anything to make any change.

  6. Are all the features of Team Huddle present in Freshconnect?
    For the first phase of the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration, we focused on enabling collaborations across a larger segment of people - the ability to invite more collaborators per ticket, the ability to invite collaborators from external partner organizations, and cross-product collaborations such as between Freshdesk Agents and Freshsales Specialists. Based on the customer feedback we have received so far from beta testing, the top Team Huddle features we need to focus on for Freshconnect are 

    • Groups: The ability to invite groups of agents to collaborate

    • Annotations: The ability to annotate parts of a ticket and quote them in discussions.

            We will keep you posted.

  1. Are there any requirements for the Freshconnect integration to be enabled for my portal?
    Yes. For the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration is available only for users who:

    • Use Freshdesk Mint: The integration makes use of the Mint’s new Ember framework and so we could not enable it for classic Freshdesk view

    • Have enabled FreshID: We use FreshID to authenticate collaborators and ensure consistency in chats across products such as Freshdesk, and Freshsales.    

  2. If I’m still using the classic Freshdesk UI, can I get the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration?
    No. The integration makes use of Freshdesk Mint’s ember framework and is designed to enhance the Mint experience. So please switch to Freshdesk Mint to use this integration.
    PS: We will be deprecating classic Freshdesk view on December 31, 2018. Please switch to Mint before that date.

  3. I don’t see the Freshconnect “Discuss” button in my portal yet. Why not?
    There are two main reasons:

    • Have you switched to Freshdesk Mint?

    • Do your agents login with FreshID?

If your answer to either of these questions is no, please note that Freshconnect integration will not be enabled for your portal. 

If your answer for both of those questions is yes, then the integration will be enabled for you shortly. We are rolling out this change in phases and we request you to wait for a few more days. You can continue using Team Huddle in the meantime. All those conversations will get automatically ported to Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration.

  1. Is there anything else I should know about the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration?
    Please note that one the Freshdesk - Freshconnect Integration has been enabled for your account, you will be able to access all of your discussions and collaborations only from Freshdesk Mint. If you switch to the classic Freshdesk view with Freshconnect enabled, you will not see the “Discuss” button. 

In case of any other questions, please email