The Average Handling Time (AHT) is a metric that defines the total time you spend on tickets. It's a stopwatch that automatically starts when you visit an assigned ticket, stops each time you move away from the ticket and continues whenever you revisit the ticket. 

How is AHT useful?

Since AHT is automatic and accurate, time tracking is made simple. With AHT, you can:

  1. Reduce manual effort 
  2. Improve your productivity and performance
  3. Focus more on resolving tickets without worrying about logging time

How to view AHT?

If AHT is enabled on your account and your admin allows you to view the AHT stopwatch, you can see the stopwatch on the tickets page. However, if your admin has hidden this option for you, AHT will still run in the background. To understand the different configuration options, check Configuring AHT.

To view AHT:

  1. Go to the Tickets page and click on a ticket assigned to you.
  2. Click on the Average Handling Time option on the right panel. Here, you can see the stopwatch automatically tracking the time.

How to use Time Logs with AHT?

If you already use Time Logs to track your time, you can combine both AHT and Time logs to effectively manage your time. 

However, note that if AHT is enabled, the start/stop timer option under the Time Logs option will be hidden and disabled. Since AHT is already an automatic stopwatch, you may not need the timer. But you can still use the Time Logs feature to log other unaccounted time spent on tickets. 

For example, in the screenshot above, the customer wants help setting up their SSO account. For this, you may want to check the configuration steps available on your company’s website or check solution articles. But, whenever you move from the ticket’s page, the AHT stops automatically, which means the time you spend finding the answer is not included in AHT. For this reason, you can use time logs to manually enter the time spent on resolving the ticket. 

In the example below, it indicates that Ben has totally spent 2 hours 54 minutes 55seconds - 02h 34m 55s automatically tracked and 20m manually logged.

To understand the different use cases, refer to Understanding AHT.