Scenarios let you perform a number of tasks with a single click from within a ticket, saving you from wasting time with repetitive tasks that the helpdesk can do for you. Scenarios are available for all agents across your helpdesk and can be used from within tickets.

A quick guide to automating a scenario

  • Click on any ticket from the dashboard or the ticket list to see its details.



  • Click on More, and then select Execute Scenarios; the list of available scenarios will be displayed.


  • Click Execute next to the scenario you've chosen.

  • The entire set of tasks associated with that automation will be executed, and you'll receive a confirmation message saying Scenario Executed.

Executing scenarios in bulk

In instances where you encounter a queue of similar tickets in your helpdesk - for example, ones regarding a temporary outage in your system - you can save a lot of time by applying scenarios in bulk from the ticket list page (as opposed to individually).

A quick guide to executing scenarios in bulk

  1. Select the tickets you'd like to apply the scenario automation.
  2. Click Scenarios in the quick access navigation pane.
  3. The scenario you choose will be executed on all selected tickets.