The Tickets tab lets you view and filter the tickets in your account. By default, the tickets are displayed in a card layout; however, you can change the view to a table view.

Working with filters

Freshdesk Support Desk provides a wide range of filters that help you narrow down your ticket views based on your preference. For example, the Priority field allows you to filter and view tickets based on the ticket priority - High, low, medium, or urgent.

You can filter the tickets by source, type, status, agents assigned to, tags, products, and even the custom fields (dropdown and dependent fields only) that you have created.

Also, you can view the tickets based on various date and time filters and further choose a day or specific time period. For example,  you can view the tickets resolved or closed in the past 1 hour.

  • Created: View tickets based on the ticket creation date or time.
  • Closed at: View tickets closed at a particular time or day.
  • Resolved at: View tickets resolved at a particular time or day.
  • Resolution due by: View tickets that must be resolved before a particular day or time.

Viewing ticket lists

The ticket list view lets you check the tickets with a list of filters automatically applied. Each time you choose a view, the tickets will be displayed with a list of filters applied. For example, as an admin, you may want to view the list of unresolved tickets daily. You can simply choose "All unresolved tickets" default ticket view. 

The ticket list views save you time and help you quickly identify tickets based on your preference. 

The Default Views cheat sheet

ViewWhat it shows
My Open and Pending TicketsAll tickets assigned to you whose status is either 'Open' or 'Pending'
My Overdue TicketsAll tickets assigned to you that were due before 'Today'
Open Tickets in My GroupsAll tickets in groups you are a member of, with the status 'Open'
Urgent and High-Priority TicketsAll tickets in your helpdesk with Priority marked as 'High' or 'Urgent'
New & My Open TicketsAll tickets assigned to you with the Status 'Open', and all Unassigned tickets in your helpdesk
All Unresolved TicketsAll tickets in your helpdesk which are not 'Resolved' or 'Closed'
All TicketsAll tickets in your helpdesk
Tickets I RequestedAll tickets in your helpdesk that you have raised/have the requester field set to your name
Tickets I’m WatchingAll tickets that you have been added as a watcher for (may be assigned to anyone)
SpamAll tickets marked as Spam
TrashAll tickets that have been deleted from your helpdesk

Saving your filters as a new view

In addition to the default ticket list view, you can create custom views with your preferred list of filters, save and view them anytime later. 

If your admin gives you access to manage shared ticket views, you can create a custom view, share it with others and also manage views created by others.

  1. Select the required filters. For example, if you want to create a view that shows all tickets that are neither closed nor resolved and are overdue, select Overdue in the Resolution Due by filter and choose All Unresolved in the Status filter.
  2. Once you choose the filters, click Apply
  3. Now, you will see an option to save or discard the view.
  4. To save a new view, enter a name and choose visibility. You can choose to make the view visible only to you, your group, or all agents.

Note: If you want to open the Tickets tab in the custom view each time you log into your account, set/open the required custom view before signing out.

Managing ticket list views

As an admin, you can decide to provide permissions to your team to manage personal or shared ticket list views using roles.

  1. Log in to Freshdesk and go to Admin > Roles and choose a role (for example, supervisor).
  2. Under Tickets, you can change the permission to:
    • Manage personal list views
      • Agents can create only personal ticket list views and make them visible only to them. 
      • Use views created by others, but cannot modify or delete them.
    • Manage shared list views:
      • Agents can create ticket list views and choose to make them personal or share them with others.
      • Modify or delete views created by others

Creating a customized table view

The customized table view allows agents to add or customize the fields they see in the Table View of their tickets page.

By adding custom fields, agents can look up the data they need immediately, without viewing the ticket properties of each individual ticket. The customized table view can help you prioritise the fields on a table and resolve tickets faster.

  1. Switch to Table View on your Ticket page by clicking on the Table View icon on the top right.

  2. Click on the edit icon next to the Table Headers
  3. In the dropdown, select the fields you wish to add or retain on your Table View
  4. Drag the fields up or down, to rearrange the fields or order them
  5. You can also search for the desired field and add it to your Table View

  6. Click on Apply for the changes to reflect on your customized table view.

Note: You cannot add the 'Product', 'Source', 'Internal Agent/Group' as one of the fields.