Sometimes, narrowing down the dataset is essential to find the root cause of the problem. You can make use of Analytics and drill down on red flags up to three levels. This allows you to identify gaps faster before they turn into critical issues.

Let’s say you are viewing the tickets split by source in Analytics and the email ticket volume is very high. You want to check if a particular group has received a lot of email tickets. Here’s how you do it:

If you find a particular group with a high number of email tickets, you can narrow it down further based on the agent name.

This will give you information on whether there’s any delay on the agents’ side. If you see a bulk of tickets assigned to one agent, you can apply the Last assigned date as the drill down to get a better idea.

Similarly, you can apply your own drill-downs based on your requirements and come to conclusions more quicker.

Note: Drill down will work only with one ‘group by’ applied