As an admin, you can instantly export the canned responses as an Excel or CSV file. The feature allows you to export an entire folder of responses or specific responses. With the exported responses, you can easily audit and analyze them, and make changes if required. For example, you can check the content of each response, availability, and corresponding group names and decide if you want to update the responses.

To export canned responses:

  1. Log into Freshdesk as an admin or account admin.
  2. Go to Admin > Canned Response.
  3. Select the folder from where you want to export the responses. You can export the responses from all the folders in your account or select specific responses from a folder.
  4. Click Export Selected Responses and choose how you want to export the responses.
  5. Click Export again. On successful completion, the response file will be sent to your registered mail id as a downloadable link.
    Note: The link will expire 15 days from the time of export.