You can share tickets with other Freshdesk accounts using webhooks in automations. Every time you share a ticket with another Freshdesk account, a new ticket is created in that account. Also, you can choose what information you want to share in these tickets. 

For example, our support team and our QA team use separate instances of Freshdesk. Sometimes, they share tickets between their accounts when the ticket needs attention from both teams. So, when a customer reports a bug, the support team shares that ticket with the QA team. While someone from support helps the customer out with a temporary solution, the engineers in QA will be working to fix the bug.

Automatic ticket sharing

If you want to share all incoming tickets with another helpdesk, it can be done with a simple automation rule. For example, let's say you want to share all tickets that come into Freshdesk A with Freshdesk B:

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket creation tab > New rule
  • If you want all tickets to be shared, do not choose anything under Conditions.
  • Under Actions, select Trigger Webhook.

  • Set the Request Type as Post.
  • Enter the Callback URL as https://<Receiving helpdesk URL>/api/v2/tickets.
  • Enable Requires Authentication. You can either give the username and password or the API key of the receiving helpdesk. We recommend that you use the API key of one of the Admins of the receiving helpdesk. (API key can be found under profile settings. Learn how )

  • Set Encoding as JSON and Advanced.
  • Enter content as follows:
{ "description": "{{ticket.description}}",  "subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",    "email": "{{ticket.from_email}}",    "priority": 1,   "status": 2 }


Once you save the rule, every ticket created in your helpdesk will be shared with the receiving helpdesk. The ticket subject, description, and requester information will be pulled from the original ticket. The priority of the new ticket will be Low and the status will be Open

You can set the priority, status, and type of the ticket in the receiving helpdesk by referring to the Ticket Properties table available here.

Note:  Ensure that you pass all the values of the fields which are marked as mandatory on the destination Freshdesk account.

However, you may not want the receiving helpdesk to know requester's information or communicate directly with the requesters. In that case, you can set the email field as your own support email address or any agent's email address, like so:


{ "description": "{{ticket.description}}",  "subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",    "email": "",    "priority": 1,   "status": 2 }


Manual ticket sharing

You can let your agents pick which tickets need to be shared with another Freshdesk account by creating a custom checkbox field.

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Ticket Fields.
  • Drag and drop a checkbox field into the form and name it Share ticket.
  • Make sure the Display to customer checkbox is off for this field before saving the form
  • Now, go to Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket updates tab > New rule. Since the agent has to execute an event (checking the 'Share ticket' box) for the ticket to be shared, this webhook should be triggered by a rule that runs on ticket updates rather than automation that runs on Ticket creation. (What's the difference?)
  • After giving your rule a name and a description, set the trigger event as Share ticket is checked.

  • Under actions, you can trigger the same webhook explained above.

Once you save this rule, every time an agent checks the Share ticket box, a new ticket will be created in the receiving helpdesk with the details you shared.

You can modify this rule to share tickets that have particular keywords in the subject or description or tickets that are sent by a certain requester, and so on.