Freshdesk Automations have gone through a major revamp. Admins can now set up Dispatch's, Supervisor, and Observer rules under one single module. 

Go to Admin > Workflows > Automations. You can configure any business rule that has to run:

  • based on when a ticket is created under the 'Ticket Creation' tab, 
  • based on time triggers under the 'Time Triggers' tab, 
  • based on any updates made to a ticket under the 'Ticket Updates' tab 

Tip: You will be able to find all your Dispatch's rules under 'Ticket creation', Supervisor rules under 'Time triggers' and Observer rules under 'Ticket updates'. 

So, here's what's new!

AND-OR Operators

You can now optimize the number of rules in your helpdesk by making use of AND - OR operations in a single rule, keeping them compact and clear. 

IMPORTANT: If you had earlier set up Dispatch's rules without any conditions, you will have to revisit these rules for the actions to be executed. The new automations will not allow for the condition block to be empty. For the actions to be executed on all the tickets coming into your helpdesk, you can edit the rule to add this condition:
In Tickets > If To email > is >


A summary is automatically generated while you set up your rule and will be used as the description for that rule. This summary gives you a brief of what the rule accomplishes so it's easier to understand which scenario it solves for. If necessary, you can also make edits to it. 

Reordering rules:

When more than one rule is activated, a Reorder button appears - you can click on a rule to select it, click anywhere on the list to select its new position, and place it. 

Execute 'ALL' matching rules

You can choose to have all the rules that run on 'Ticket Creation' to get executed instead of just the first matching rule. Click on the gear button near 'Executing first matching rules' above the list of rules and choose 'Execute ALL matching rules', hit Save.

This will ensure that all matching rules are executed, one after the other, in the order in which they have been set.

Thank you detector (powered by Freddy)

If a reply from a customer is to thank an agent for the support they provided, reopening a resolved or closed ticket will affect the agent's resolution time. You can use the Thank You Detector, powered by Freddy, in Freshdesk to understand the intent behind customer responses and let it decide whether or not to reopen the ticket.

You can enable this in the 'On tickets with these properties' section under the Ticket updates tab, choose In tickets > Freddy suggests > Note is or is not a thank you. 

Read more here.

Audit log for rules

Often, we set up rules and there is no way to know if they are being executed on tickets. The new automations will now show you the number of times a rule was executed in the last 7 days. This will help you understand if the rule is effective in reducing manual effort.

As an admin, you will also get to know 'when' the rule was last modified and by 'whom'. 

Watch the video here to see it all in action!

Revisit and optimize your existing rules and start setting up new ones with the all-new automations in Freshdesk!