Note: This feature is currently available only for new sign-ups on Freshdesk Omnichannel (all plans).


What is UCR for Omnichannel?

Customers may use multiple channels to reach a business on a particular issue and get frustrated when they have to repeat details like their name and phone number. Since the customer information is often stored in channel-specific products, agents don't have any context of prior communication with the customer and end up asking for the customer’s information repeatedly. This feature impacts the customer experience as well agent productivity.

The Unified customer record (UCR) for Omnichannel feature built using Freshworks native customer data platform provides one contact record for each end-customer, shared across Support Desk, Freshchat, and Contact Center products. This feature enables agents to manage customer contact details across channels without switching screens and improve productivity.

How does UCR for Omnichannel work?

The Unified customer record (UCR) for Omnichannel feature ensures that customer information is stored centrally and can be accessed by agents easily. Now the agent can quickly view customer details and respond to the issue irrespective of the channel a customer uses to contact your business. 


Benefits of UCR

  • Simplifies data collection since customer data is collected from multiple sources (across apps and tools) in real-time and at scale

  • Improves profile unification since data is collated from multiple sources into a single profile. It also deduplicates customer data.

  • Agents can manage and update customer details across channels without switching screens

  • Agents can offer personalized customer support with easily accessible, and up-to-date  customers information 

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