With the omnichannel dashboard, you can monitor your team’s performance across channels in real-time. It gives a birds-eye view of the day-to-day trends in the volume of enquiries, customer happiness, agent availability, and agent performance across all support channels. 

Scenarios where the dashboard can be helpful

  • If there’s a spike in the number enquiries- either calls, chats or tickets- you’ll able to spot it quickly. You can move agents between channels to make sure every customer gets a quick response
  • You can control which agents inquiries are automatically routed to by changing their availability 
  • If your team is working remotely, the availability dashboard will give you an idea of how busy your agents are and which channel is keeping the busiest
  •  View metrics specific to a team on Freshchat or Freshcaller

In this article, we talk about the default Omnichannel dashboard. For details on how to create your own custom dashboard, to this article.

How to use the Dashboard

The metrics dashboard can be filtered based on groups in Freshdesk, Freshchat, or Freshcaller, or a product in Freshdesk. 

The table below shows the list of default widgets that are available as a part of the dashboard.

Refresh interval
Volume metrics
Overdue tickets**
Ticket due today**
Unassigned tickets**
Incoming calls
Missed calls
Missed incoming calls
Outgoing calls
Assigned and not replied**
Every 5 minutes for Tickets
Every 1 minute for calls and chats
Performance metrics
Average first response time
Average resolution time
Average next response time
Average time to answer
Average wait time
Longest wait time
Average handle time
Average talk time
First response time
Response time
Resolution time
Wait time
Every 15 minutes
SLA metrics
Resolution %
Service level %
Service level target
Service level threshold
Every 15 minutes
Total number of available agents
Total number of available agents
Total number of available agents
Every 1 minute
Queue metrics
In conversation
In Queue
Every 1 minute
Group level CSAT
Group level CSA
Every 1 minute

** - Clicking on the metric will lead to a view with the corresponding tickets or chats.

The metrics correspond to the enquiries that your team receives in the previous 24 hours. For details on how the availability widget works, give this article a read.