Ticket scopes determine the tickets in your Freshdesk that an agent has access to. With Advanced Ticket Scope, you can choose whether an agent needs to have edit access, or limited access, to tickets in certain groups. This way, agents have visibility on their customers’ past tickets and at the same time, workflows corresponding to different groups will not apply to the agent.

With Advanced ticket scope, you can 

- Choose groups where an agent can edit tickets

- Choose groups where an agent can only view tickets 

When agents have edit access to tickets assigned to certain groups, they can view the ticket and perform different actions based on the permissions that are part of their role.

When agents have only view access to tickets assigned to certain groups, they can 

  • Access a read-only version of the ticket conversation, including ticket properties.

  • Add a private note and notify other agents. 
  • Print the ticket. 
  • Create a child ticket.
  • Create a service task.
  • Send a broadcast message if it's a tracker ticket.
  • Use Freshconnect to initiate messages from the ticket to collaborators.

If an agent has edit access to group A  and read access to group B:

  • The agent will only see group A's ticket when they choose "My groups" in the tickets list filter.

  • Only group A's metrics will show in their dashboard.
  • Agents cannot be assigned to tickets in the billing group.
  • If a list view where the group's filters include both "Support" and "Billing", Joanna will be able to edit only the Support group's tickets.
  • Bulk actions will let them choose only tickets where they have edit access.