With multichannel (6 channels) support in your helpdesk, you can: 

  • Email: Manage multiple email accounts from one place; prioritize, categorize tickets and collaborate with team members to quickly resolve queries.

  • Social: Connect with customers and prospects, share information and resolve queries on the social network.

  • Track Facebookwall posts and direct messages right from your Helpdesk. Customers get issues resolved without leaving their social network.

  • Automatically pickup tweets, relevant to your business, with, keywords based on support issues, competition information and market trends.

  • Web portal: Encourage self service with knowledge base and forums as an extension of your website experience.

  • Manage multiple products and brands from a single helpdesk

  • View and manage your helpdesk portal in multiple languages

  • Rebrand your portal to reflect your organization’s experience 

  • Create a community to encourage questions, ideas and build your brand

Multichannel in Freshdesk: Watch Video Now!