Round robin is the scheduling method used to automatically assign tickets to the agents in a group. The specifics of this method is that it deals with ticket assignment in a timely and cyclic fashion without any priority.


What does it Solve:

The advantage of using round robin is that all ticket assignments get executed consistently as they come in so that no ticket is left out. In short, this method ensures all agents equally share the load of ticket inflow.


How does it work:

In typical support environment, as tickets come in they are either manually or automatically assigned to an agent or a group. When a ticket is assigned to a group, the helpdesk automatically assigns tickets to the agents in the group making sure that workload distribution is uniform. This is a time saver in two ways. One, elimination of the need for a person like a manager having to manually assigning tickets. Secondly, with SLA timers running agents don’t’ have to wait around for somebody to assign work but can attend to a customer need right away.


Where to Find It:

Turn ON ‘Automatic Ticket Assignment’ for the required agent groups. This is available under ‘Groups’ in the ‘Admin’ module.


Some additional features available with Automatic Ticket Assignment are:

1. Do-Not-Disturb Mode: Gives the agent the option to say ‘No’ to more tickets as their hands re full or are busy with a critical issue/customer.

2. Agent Status View: Pull up details on agent availability, if they are in the round-robin queue or not and so on.


IMPORTANT NOTE: An agent will be in queue only if he/she is a part of a group that has ‘Automatic Ticket Assignment’ enabled. And subsequently, be able to use the Do-Not-Disturb option. Only the Admin can view and change agent availability status.