With Analytics, you can get insights not just into the custom objects that you create, but also into the native objects available within Freshdesk to assess trends and track KPIs. You can create reports for

  • Standalone custom objects
  • Custom objects and their associations
  • Use filters like interactive filters, quick filters, and granular filters like metric filters, widget filters, etc., to drill down and visualize data

For our considered use case, let us say you want to understand how many orders you receive in one day. Here is how you can leverage the Analytics module to derive insights:

A quick guide to creating a report:

First, let us create a report that will allow you to visualize data in chart widgets.

  • Go to the Analytics tab from the navbar
  • Click on New Report, and give your report a name- Eg: Total orders
  • Set the preferred visibility - Only to me/Everyone and hit Create 

A quick guide to creating widgets:

  • On the Reports page, you can choose from 3 categories - New, Existing, Templates
    • New - This lets you create a new chart-based, text-based, image-based, or even filter-based widget from scratch
    • Existing - This lets you import and reuse the widgets from other reports
    • Templates - This lets you use templatized widgets that are readily available
  • For our use case, let us create a new chart-based widget. Drag and drop the Chart widget onto the board by selecting the custom module ‘Orders’
  • Set the metric filter as ‘Orders’ and ‘Total’
  • Set the date range dimension
  • You can add a filter if needed, and also add other metrics and filters
  • To further drill down, you can group the data by an attribute, let's say, furniture price to understand how many orders within a particular price range have been placed
  • You can choose to display the data in any form from the available chart types in the dropdown like pie, graph, or table

A quick guide to adding filters:

Let's say you want to view the total number of delivered orders

  • Configure the widget with the metric filter as ‘Total Orders’, you can apply the widget filter as ‘Order status is delivered’
  • You will now get a chart of all tickets where the order has been delivered

Other useful filters: 

  • Widget filter - Apply this to filter all the metrics in a particular widget
  • Page filter - Apply this to filter all the widgets to a particular page in a report
  • Report filter - Apply this to filter all widgets across all pages in a report
  • Interactive filter - Choose any interactive filter types like List, Dropdown, Button, Slider, and Toggle to slice and dice data based on your associations, for example - the total number of tickets raised for delivered furniture. Read more here
  • Quick filter - Get filtered views of a widget with a single click directly on the report page even with view-only access to the report. Read more here

To further understand how to leverage Analytics to visualize data, you can check out this article.