With Collaborators, support managers and agents can add or invite colleagues from other teams or third-party contacts into the ticket as a Collaborator. Collaborators can be any stakeholder who assists full-time agents with ticket-related information, updates, opinions, or approvals to resolve a customer ticket. Know more about Collaborators, here.

Admins can run analytics reports on Collaborators' performance and identify problems by keeping tabs on all the metrics that matter. 

Make sure the following conditions are met in order to run analytics on Collaborators,

  • Shared Ownership must have been configured. To know more about Shared Ownership, Click here.

  • Collaborators are added to the respective internal groups for which you want to run analytics.

  • Collaborators have edit status privilege.

  • Ensure collaborators change the ticket status after they are done with their contribution to the ticket.

Now you are ready to run an analytics report on Collaborators. As an example, let us see how to add ‘Private notes added’, ‘Turnaround Time’ to the Collaborators report.

Go to Analytics > Click New Report and give a suitable name (eg) Collaborators Performance and click Create.

  1. To track metrics on ‘Private Notes Added’,
  • Drag and drop a Chart widget from the right pane. Click Add Chart and click Save.

  • Name the widget (eg) Private Notes and click Next. On the right pane, Click on metric
    and select Private Notes from the dropdown. Now click group by
    and select Internal agent name from the dropdown.

  • Click Apply. Now, save this Analytics report by clicking on Save
     on the top.

  1. To measure the time taken to resolve a ticket using the Turnaround Time metric, 

  • Drag and drop a Chart widget from the right pane. Click Add Chart and click Save.

  • Name the widget (eg) Resolution Time and click Next. On the right pane, Click on metric

    and select Time spent in business hours from the dropdown. Now Click group by
     and depending on your need, select Internal agent name or Internal group name from the dropdown.

  • Click Apply

  • Save this Analytics report by clicking on Save

     on the top.

You can use this report to see how collaborators are performing in terms of the private notes added and the time taken by them to resolve a ticket that they are part of.