With Collaborators, support managers and agents can add or invite colleagues from other teams or third-party contacts into the ticket as a Collaborator. Collaborators can be any stakeholder who assists full-time agents with ticket-related information, updates, opinions, or approvals to resolve a customer ticket. Know more about Collaborators here.

Types of Collaborators

You can invite two types of Collaborators to Freshdesk - Ticket Collaborators and Analytics Collaborators.

  • Ticket Collaborators can get assigned/tagged to tickets, and add/edit private notes within their scope. They can also update the Ticket Status (using the 'Send and set as' option while adding a Private ), and view customer information related to the ticket. However, Ticket Collaborators cannot respond to customers or view Admin options. 

  • Analytics Collaborators can view reports in the Analytics module as well as access all the functionalities of the Ticket collaborators

Note: For Omnichannel, Analytics Collaborators have access only to Freshdesk analytics. They do not have access to analytics in Freshchat and Freshdesk Contact Center.

As an Admin, you can add Collaborators with the role ‘Ticket Collaborator’ or ‘Analytics Collaborator’ or both. 

Note: An agent can be a Ticket Collaborator as well as an Analytics Collaborator at the same time.

Collaborator Privileges

Collaborators can
Collaborators cannot
  • View tickets they are assigned (Shared Ownership)/tagged(@mention) in
  • Add/edit their private notes
  • Update the status of the ticket using 'Add note and set as' options
  • Add and modify their time logs
  • View customer info related to the ticket they are part of
  • @mention agents
  • Add themselves as watchers
  • Forward tickets
  • Create tickets from the customer portal

  • Reply to a customer
  • Be the primary assignee to a ticket
  • Edit ticket properties
  • Create tickets from inside Freshdesk
  • View contacts and company profiles
  • Create contacts
  • Edit contact profiles
  • Assume the identity of a contact
Knowledge Base 
  • View the knowledge base articles
  • Add/edit articles and posts
  • Create ticket views
  • Log time
  • Use templates or scenario automation
  • View  reports in Analytics 

  • Create Team Dashboards, Widgets, or Reports

  • Call or chat with customers
Marketplace Apps
  • Use installed apps

Mobile Apps
  • Use Android and iOS Freshdesk mobile app to 
    • View tickets they are assigned to
    • Add/Edit their private notes
    • Notify someone who is already in Freshdesk
    • Update the status of the ticket

  • Use Android and iOS Freshdesk mobile app to
    • Tag someone
    • Invite someone to Freshdesk
    • Reply to a customer
    • Edit ticket properties

Note: Automations do not work on actions taken by a collaborator.