Different tickets get resolved differently. Sometimes, resolution of a ticket may be dependent on more than one agent or team. Maybe someone from Finance has to step in, or someone from Legal, or a third-party vendor - whatever the situation is, the ticket usually winds up being assigned in turn to the various teams involved. This type of workflow results in a lack of visibility for the agent, which means that they could be out of the loop when the customer asks them for an update.

Shared Ownership prevents such a situation from coming to pass by ensuring that a ticket is shared between the primary agent, i.e. the customer-facing agent, and an ‘internal agent’. This way, the primary agent can stay in the loop even as internal teams work on resolving the issue.

A quick guide to enable shared ownership:

  • Log in to your Freshdesk portal as an Administrator
  • Go to Admin > Support Operations > Advanced Ticketing

  • Enable the toggle for Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership will now be enabled in your account

For shared ownership to work, you need to make sure that your internal groups are mapped to the respective custom ticket statuses created. As an admin, you can create custom ticket statuses and map each of it to a set of groups. When a ticket status is changed, only the respective groups that have been mapped to that status will have the option to be assigned to an internal group for that ticket. 

Note: You cannot map internal groups to the default statuses, Open, Pending, Resolved and Closed.