Sending out customer feedback surveys in the language your customers best understand is a great way to increase your feedback survey response rates.  This way, your customers will also find it easier to provide feedback for your company’s support. 

The customer satisfaction surveys in Freshdesk can be fully localized based on your audience’s preference, and they can be fully translated to match the preferred language in the customer’s profile. 

The customer’s preferred language is auto-detected by Freshdesk and saved in contact details based on their first interaction. This can be changed under Contact > Edit Contact.

Note: The survey will be sent in the default language if the translations for the customer's preferred language is not uploaded or available in Freshdesk.  

Currently, Freshdesk supports up to 41 languages and you can translate your surveys for up to 41 languages.

Note: The ‘secondary languages’ in your helpdesk should be marked as ‘Visible in portal’ for the surveys to be automatically translated to the corresponding languages. 

A quick guide to setting up survey translations: 

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Customer Satisfaction > New Survey or select an existing survey 

  • You’ll find the list of languages associated with your Freshdesk on the right, categorized based on their visibility on the portal - Visible/Hidden in portal/widget
    *These languages can be configured at Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings > Manage Languages


  • Depending on the status of the translation, the following labels will be displayed below the language:

    • Untranslated: When the translations are not available for a survey

    • Incomplete: When the survey translations are partially translated or incomplete

    • Outdated: When the survey has been updated after the translation was uploaded

    • Translated: When all the questions, choices, and Thank you messages have been completely translated.   

  • To start uploading translations for a survey, click on the edit icon for the required language

  • In the slider, you will have an option to download the respective .yml file

  • Use a text editor (example: Sublime) to open the .yml file 

  • The .yml file of your primary language can be used as a reference to fill in the custom translations for other languages 

  • Upload the .yml file for the respective language. 

  • Once the translations are uploaded, you can choose to preview them by clicking on the preview icon next to the edit icon

Once the above steps are done, Freshdesk will detect and send the satisfaction survey based on your customer’s preferred language found in their contact/company menu.