When your company has multiple emails and different points of contact with your customers, it can get difficult to keep track of all the requests coming in. For example, in addition to your support email, you might have a sales contact or an information alias that is shown to your users. 

Freshdesk lets you add an unlimited number of email addresses to your helpdesk and makes it easy for you to manage all of your support queries from one place. Just like your primary support email, all emails received in your additional mailboxes will also be converted into tickets automatically. You'll then be able to let your whole support team access them, send out replies and collaborate whenever necessary. 

How to add multiple emails to your helpdesk

  • Go to Admin > Channels > Email > New Support Email.

Once you're done adding your email, make sure you set up a forwarding rule from your mailbox to Freshdesk. For every new email you add, Freshdesk gives you a different forwarding address so you don't have to worry about your emails getting mixed up. Going forward, you can use this email when you send out replies to your customers. 

Note: The From address would be picked up automatically on the ticket replies based on the To email address to which the ticket was raised. For example, if a ticket was raised to one of your support email addresses 'support@yourcompany.com', then the From address while replying to the ticket would be 'support@yourcompany.com' by default.

If you are on the Estate or Forest plan, you can set up a multi-product helpdesk and assign a different mailbox to each and every one of your products. If this is relevant to you, you can learn more about multi-product support in Freshdesk here.