Requests often come in with limited information and you might end up asking a set of repetitive questions to your customers. While replying, the customer would have to copy and paste the set of questions before they begin to answer them. Using Canned forms, you can now process these requests efficiently and with ease. These readily accessible form templates are customizable and help in resolving major service requests faster.

A quick guide to set up Canned forms:

  • Login to your helpdesk as an Admin.

  • Go to Canned forms under Agent Productivity.

  • Click on ‘Create New’.

  • Give your canned form a suitable name and hit ‘Next’. You can edit the title later by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button against the form name.

  • Set up a Welcome message for your form in the center panel.

  • Drag and drop the required fields from the ‘Form Fields’ panel on the left, into the center panel.

    • You can add four types of fields: Single line text field, Multiline text field, Dropdown field and Checkbox field.

  • Configure the values for these fields under the ‘Edit fields’ panel on the right.

  • You can also reorder the fields by dragging and dropping them however necessary within the center panel. The fields in the form will appear in this order for your customers. 

  • Set up a 'Thank you message' to display when your customers submit their responses.

  • Use the ‘Preview’ button to preview the form before saving it:

  • Once you’re done, click on ‘Save form’.

The saved form will now be available for usage, as part of the reply editor, on the ticket details page. 

A quick guide to using Canned forms:

  • Click on the desired ticket from the ticket list view.

  • Hit the ‘Reply’ button to start composing your reply (you can also use canned forms in Notes).

  • Click on the form icon from the toolbar of the editor. This will open a slider from the right, displaying the saved canned forms. 
  • You will have an option to preview the form on this page, before adding it to the reply.

  • Click on the 'Insert' button to insert the desired Canned form into your response.

  • You’ll notice that the form is added as a link for your customers to click on and fill.

  • Hit ‘Send’ once you’re done.

Your customers will receive the link to the form you just sent. Clicking on the link will take them to the form page where they can fill the necessary details. 

The answers submitted on the form will come into the corresponding ticket as a note. These values are not stored as ticket fields and will only be available as part of the ticket conversation. The default automation rule that runs on ticket updates will reopen the ticket and send the Assigned agent a notification when the customer submits the form.