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1. Can customers use the Freshdesk mobile app to check tickets they have raised?

No. The Freshdesk mobile app is designed to make it easier for agents to handle tickets coming into their helpdesk. Your customers cannot use the mobile app to check the status or respond to their tickets.

2. My phone got stolen. How do I disconnect my Freshdesk account from my phone?

We are sorry that your phone got stolen. In order to disassociate your Freshdesk account from your phone, you will have to reset the API key in your helpdesk via a desktop browser. Log into your Freshdesk account, click on your Profile Pic --> Profile Settings. In the sidebar on the right, you will have the option to reset your API key. 

NOTE: Changing passwords will not disconnect your Freshdesk account from your phone. You must reset the API key to do so.  

3. How do I assign tickets?

You can click on the Group/Agent dropdown from the list page or open the ticket and choose the group and agent from the Group/Agent dropdown to assign it. You can also bulk assign tickets to a particular Agent by long pressing and selecting multiple tickets from the Tickets page, and tapping the Assign option.

Swiping right on a ticket will give you an option to 'Pickup' the ticket. This would assign the ticket to you.

4. How do I add watchers to a ticket?

Once you expand a ticket, you can hit the star icon on top to add yourself as watcher. By clicking on the three dots on right, and hitting the Watchers option you can add other agents in your team as watchers. Watchers will receive notifications when the tickets they're watching are updated. 

5. How do I edit a ticket's due date?

When you're viewing a ticket, tap the three dots on top right and choose 'Due date'. From the next screen that appears, you'll be able to choose a specific date and time and set it as the ticket's due date. Please note that ticket due dates are set based on the timezone specified in the agent's Freshdesk profile. 

6. Can I switch between multiple addresses when responding to customers?

Yes, all you need to do is hit the 'From' field in the ticket reply screen, and pick the support email address you want to reply from. 

7. I see that you have apps for iOS and Android. Is there one for Windows Phone?

We're currently focused on giving our users the best possible experience on iOS and Android and don't have plans for a Windows app at the moment. 

8. Can Collaborators use Android or iOS mobile apps to respond to the tickets that they are tagged in?

Yes. Collaborators can use both Android and iOS mobile apps to

  • View tickets they are assigned to
  • Add/Edit their private notes
  • Notify someone who is already in Freshdesk
  • Update the status of the ticket

Note: A Collaborator cannot tag or invite someone using Freshdesk mobile application.