This solution article helps support agents track time spent on resolving tickets via the Freshdesk iOS and Android apps. To learn how you can track time via the web version of Freshdesk, read more here

As a helpdesk agent, you may want to track time spent on tickets and responding to customers for various reasons. 

  1. Monitor time spent on each ticket to track and improve efficiency.

  2. Charge customers based on time spent resolving their issues.

  3. Analyze the time split between billable and non-billable hours.

  4. Gain better visibility into your performance and efficiency. 

To log time while working on a ticket,

  • Select the ticket you want to log time for
  • Click on the Ellipsis menu on the top right
  • Select Log time from the menu that pops up

The following Time Logs page will appear, listing the times that have been tracked for the ticket so far.

The total amount of time spent on the ticket will be summed up and displayed above the list of time logs. 

To add a new Time Entry for a ticket, on the “All Logs” screen, click on the + symbol on the top right. You can track time either through the timer or enter the time manually.

Automated Tracking with Timer:

To log time with the timer

  • Click on the + symbol on top right

  • On the new time log screen, add private notes to the time log explaining why the time was spent, 

  • You can select if the ticket is billable or not using the toggle button 

Choose your options and then click on the Start Timer present on the bottom of the page. The timer will keep running until you stop it manually. To stop the timer, swipe right on the tracker where you will find options to delete or stop the time logged. Click on Stop Timer any time to stop the tracking. 

Adding Time Entries Manually:

  • To log time manually, click on Switch to manual entry. Enter the hours and minutes worked on the ticket.

  • You can add notes on the ticket, select if the ticket is billable or not using the toggle button.

  • Click Save log.

  • Swiping right on a time log lets you resume the timer from the time you've manually entered, edit or delete the log.