Fresh Tech Africa has put together a unique offering of products that unify the CX and EX side of the business.

On the CX Side:

Freshdesk for all inbound omnichannel support including WhatsApp and a Native Bot builder 

MoEngage to enable the creation of meaningful and customer specific/relevant marketing campaigns to new potential customers or existing customers (cross-sell / retention)

Freshsales to manage outbound sales teams. Manage inbound leads, pass onto a sales team and manage their performance and targets. Great for B-to-B sales teams. 

On the EX side:

Injixo is an easy to use Work Force Management tool that is completely integrated into Freshdesk.

Freshservice is focused on ITSM (using the ITIL Framework) as well at other internal ticketing for HR, Procurement, Facilities, Finance etc. (Enterprise Service Management -ESM). In addition you can escalate tickets from Freshdesk (L1) into Freshservice (L2/L3).

At a more granular level here is an overview of how all our products work together to provide a unified platform for CX and EX: